Absence Management Programs

Absence Management Programs Start With Pre-employment Screening

Are you one of the many employers who provide pre-employment health questionnaires, only to lock the completed forms away in a cupboard until something happens? Then, you are missing out on an ideal opportunity to know more about your staff and to minimise absentee rates as part of absence management programs.

There are very few employment roles that do not require a range of pre-employment checks, including health and fitness for work. However, these are often filled in by the employee and only checked if the information raises red flags. Too often, they are seen as just a box ticking exercise to keep HR happy should there be a problem in the future. But, if you want to take corporate wellness seriously then you need to change your approach to pre-employment screening. Not only do you need to check and cross reference any information given with a medical practitioner, but the facts provided should be used to ensure that the work environment and assigned tasks are suitable. For example, under your current system, an individual with a bad back from an incident over 10 years ago, who rarely misses a day off work, is probably not a huge cause for concern. Under sickness absence management, assessment by a medical professional such as a physio would be used to determine any lasting ill effects of the injury. They may even discover that although the person does not miss time off work, they are still in constant pain and surviving on pain medication. By taking these seriously and providing early intervention, you support the individual, reduce their pain and suffering, and potentially increase their focus and concentration at work.

This is just one example of how absence management programs from ctchealthcare Limited can support your business and your employees. We work with a dedicated team of professionals to give you and your staff the support, information and guidance you need at every step of the program. Explore the details at