Absence Management Services

Absence Management Services That Work For You

Every employer wants their staff to be present and productive during their working hours. However, things happen in life that stop this from happening, and it may seem at times that there is very little that can be done to change this. But with absence management services the opposite is closer to the truth.

If truth be told, every employer would like to boast that their staff holds a zero sickness absence record. The reality is that very few even come close to this, but those that do most likely have embraced a culture of corporate wellness. In doing so, they take the health and wellbeing of their staff seriously and put programs and support in place to reduce injuries and minimise the effects of illness where possible. You can join this club easily by subscribing to a sickness absence management program. These types of programs take a pre-emptive approach to health and wellbeing; taking the pre-employment medical questionnaires seriously and involving both employer and employee in decisions that affect health and work productivity. The end result is staff that feel valued and who are not afraid to come forward when a health or physical problem arises. They know that by being part of this type of scheme, they have immediate access to medical advice. The benefit for you is that the quick response reduces time away from work by catching symptoms early and offering treatment, physio or counselling sooner. The end result is a less stressed and more productive workforce who work together as a team with you, the employer.

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