Absence Management System

Absence Management System For Your Business

Absenteeism costs businesses money, whether that is in terms of unfinished projects, additional overtime payments or the need for cover staff. It also affects the morale of the remaining team members, meaning that they are not as productive as usual. An absence management system could stop this and change the fortunes of your business.

Sickness absence management focuses on reducing and even removing the need for sick days through early intervention to tackle the causes of the illness or injury. The idea is to interact with the staff member from the earliest possible opportunity after the onset of an illness or injury. Ideally, this should take place on day one and involve a medical assessment. Steps can then be taken to adapt the working environment or tasks where necessary to allow the individual to stay at work. Where this is not possible, then medical referrals can be made to minimise the amount of time that is taken off from work, and ensure that the individual returns with suitable support as necessary. Focusing on corporate wellness involves your company being able to work collaboratively with staff and a range of medical professionals such as occupational therapists, doctors, counsellors, physiotherapists and nurses. It also requires you to be willing to make changes to working practices and spaces to prevent injuries and reduce the need for time off. By making these changes and putting such an early intervention scheme in place, you will produce happier, more productive staff, who suffer less stress. This will safeguard the future of your business, both financial and in terms of your status as a good employer.

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