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Make It For Monday

26 Mar 2014

ctchealthcare are supporting healthy eating this month with “Make it for Monday” all in aid of World Health Day!

ctchealthcare are promoting the benefits of bringing your lunch from home in “Make it for Monday”, a bring your lunch to work day to celebrate World Health Day.

As well as cutting inches off your waistline, bringing lunch from home is also a great way to save money. It is estimated that office workers spend over £100 buying sandwiches each month and can equate to over £1300 a year!

Rick Carter, Managing Director of ctchealthcare commented “It really is the small steps that will make the biggest change. Not only that, World Health Day is a great cause to support, and ctchealthcare want to provide an opportunity for individuals in every community to get involved in activities that can lead to better health.”  

We will be giving you tips on the top ten superfoods and healthy eating over the Easter period. More information can be found on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Dan Hardy, from Air Products Crewe who helped launch this initiative, added, “Make it for Monday encouraged discussions about healthy eating at work, and it also was a great way to make everyone feel involved in World Health Day”. 

Try some of these recepies using left overs from sunday meals:

World Health Day is on Monday 7th April 2014, so tell your colleagues and remember to "Make it for Monday"!