Employee Absence Management

Employee Absence Management – What Employers Need To Do

Both employees and employers have a role to play in minimising sickness absenteeism levels. Knowing what you can do as the employer not only makes things go more smoothly in general, but is essential if you want to implement employee absence management effectively.

As an employer, you play a vital role in reducing the amount of time take off as sick leave. You also play a vital role in promoting corporate wellness. Believe it or not, it really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The first and most important thing that you must do is listen to your staff. If a member of staff says they are finding a task or part of the working environment challenging, listen to them. The next most important thing is to act on what you hear. This doesn’t mean rushing out and buying everyone new office chair, but it does involve conducting further research into the causes of the problems and finding possible solutions. Integral to this is taking the employee’s pain or difficulty seriously and assisting them in getting help and support. This is where taking part in a sickness absence management program with a reputable third party company can help. Through companies such as ctchealthcare Limited, your staff are able to rapidly access medical opinions and support to aid them in either avoiding injury or promoting faster recovery from illness and injury. You then step back in to support their return to work by following the guidelines of the medical opinion and workplace assessment.

At ctchealthcare Limited, we do not just offer rapid access to health care professionals. We also work with you as the employer to improve the working environment and ensure that the needs of each staff member are met from the day they join your company. You can find out more about our employee absence management and other specific services at today.