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Corporate Healthcare

Our corporate healthcare provides an immediate, cost effective and efficient service that ensures employers and employees alike benefit from a fast health and wellbeing intervention.

We aim is to help companies cut down on sickness absence costs as well as administration and time invested.


Corporate Healthcare

For advice on how to keep your staff happy, healthy and in work

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Our Services

Day1 Healthcare

DAY1 Healthcare is designed to help companies manage and prevent sickness absence from ‘DAY 1’.

ctchealthcare provides immediate health intervention for your employees helping to eliminate the most common causes of sickness absence including musculoskeletal injury and mental health conditions.

‘31 million working days lost in the UK due to musculoskeletal conditions’ - Office of National Statistics

We work alongside companies to combat sickness absence by promoting a healthy and happy workforce.

Step 1

Employee self refers to ctchealthcare using the online PRM portal

Step 2Employee is called to book a telephone triage within 24 hours
Step 3Employee is called by physiotherapist and given recovery advice or referred for hands on physiotherapy
Step 4Employee is discharged with self management advice and a report is sent to line manager

Our online portal system offers direct access to a dedicated team of health professionals working within a wide range of corporate settings. The services is:


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Other Services

Absence management programs for staff sickness

Our services encompass Injury Prevention and Management, Sickness Absence Management and Health and Wellbeing initiatives that provide a rapid, tangible return on investment and a lasting legacy of employee engagement.

Sickness absence management

Sickness Absence Management

  • Functional Assessments
  • Return to Work Programmes
  • Reports
injury prevention and management

Injury Prevention and Management

  • Physiotherapy Assessments
  • Best Working Practice Guidelines
  • Ergonomic and DSE Assessments injuries.
health and wellbeing services

Health and Wellbeing Services

  • Health Screening
  • Wellbeing Initiatives
  • Stress Management