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ctchealthcare are injury prevention and health management specialists. We work in any occupational health setting to promote health, prevent injury and reduce sickness absence, depending on the organisations requirements.


Corporate Healthcare

For advice on how to keep your staff happy, healthy and in work

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ctchealthcare loves feedback! Testimonials we have received from organisations that have embraced our services and interventions are included below.

“CTC Healthcare provide excellent professional yet friendly treatment. After doing several Pilates classes I can really feel the benefits, it is a very rewarding workout. It is a great way to enhance flexibility and ease pain or tension in problem areas. The Sports Therapist Lisa McKenna, pays special attention to everyone in class, making it feel like a private session. I would highly recommend a course of Pilates at CTC Healthcare to anyone.”

Stephanie Poole, Contracts Coordinator, James Walker UK Ltd

“Pilates with Lisa is both very effective and fun. I’ve been amazed at how effective some relatively small movements can be if done correctly. The techniques she teaches helps with breathing, muscle tone, flexibility and relaxation. . . all that benefit without too much exertion and sweat, brilliant. I really look forward to going.”

Jacqui, James Walker UK Ltd

“Our staff really engaged in the manual handling training. Not only have our sickness absence statistics improved, our productivity levels have been given a real boost.”

Sean Pattinson, Director Grenson Motors Company

“CTC have been providing professional, reliable and cost effective ergonomic and physiotherapy services to Air Products for the past 10 years.

They have also been instrumental in assisting the company to develop a number of best ergonomic working practice guides which have been rolled out globally.

Always innovative, approachable and flexible, they have been able to adapt to the company’s needs and demands over the years in the UK, Europe and Asia.

I have no hesitation in recommending their services.” .

Bruce Alexander, Chief Medical Officer Air Products PLC

“Using validated methods, ctchealthcare assessed the physical and psychological wellbeing of 180 staff members within our Business Improvement District. Within one week, details of the participating employees’ productivity, engagement, loyalty, comfort, stress, anxiety, depression levels and physical heath were available in a clear and concise format. Specific wellbeing interventions were suggested and implemented where appropriate. Six months later re-assessment took place and a comprehensive evaluation report was produced. This demonstrated the employee and employer benefits of implementing health screening and wellbeing activities in the workplace.” .

Giles Semper, Director CEO Better Bankside

“Our staff really engaged with ctchealthcare’s Physiotherapist. Immediate adjustments were made to employee’s work stations to improve their posture and their working environment. Initial feedback has been positive, our staff have particularly mentioned the added benefit of performing the individualised stretches that the physiotherapist taught them to help reduce stress and strain on their bodies” .

Wellbeing Client

"In addition to implementing injury prevention measures, ctchealthcare has effectively rehabilitated several manual based employees back to full working duties following injury.

When appropriate, ctchealthcare work along side our operations managers to access processes and effectively implement individualised staged return to work programs."

Mark Chadwick, Operations Director Custom Powders

“Our onsite clinic at Ruskin Sports College has been running since January 2012. ctchealthcare offer physiotherapy assessment and treatment, sports massage and also offer a weekly group Pilates class. Members of staff refer themselves into the clinic on a “first come, first served” basis and are initially allowed three sessions to ensure the service is open to as many staff as possible.” .

Ella Brett, Ruskin Sports College

"ctchealthcare’s telephone triage service addresses musculoskeletal discomfort on day 1. If our staff have any aches or pains, they know that they can speak to a qualified senior physiotherapist immediately. The service has enabled many of our employees to independently manage their symptoms and as a consequence, our employees often report that their symptoms fully resolve without the need for sickness absence."

Large Public Sector Client

“Overall 94% of participants felt that the wellbeing interventions were delivered and ran effectively. 94% of participants reported enjoyment while taking part in their chosen intervention(s).”

Business District, London Client