Illness And Injury Prevention Program

Illness And Injury Prevention Program – The Role Of The Physiotherapist

Most people only experience the work of a physiotherapist once they have had a serious musculoskeletal injury. However, early intervention by such a professional can reduce the risk of injury and illness, particularly in the workplace as part of an illness and injury prevention program.

Physiotherapists are not just about putting people back together after an accident or injury involving the musculoskeletal system. Their expertise is also invaluable in preventing injuries and minimising the effects of pre-existing injuries and conditions. When working in tandem with employers as part of a corporate wellness program, they are able to assess and respond to concerns quickly and liaise with employers to ensure that staff are getting the provisions they require. This could involve anything from on-site physio appointments to a change in the way their work space, or work time, is organised. The physiotherapist’s involvement in an injury prevention and management initiative also cuts down the time employees have to wait to be seen for assessment and treatment. This, in turn, reduces the pain and discomfort felt by the staff member and means that they are able to return to full productivity sooner. Where time off work is required, the time can be shortened by quicker, more effective treatment and clear communication regarding the individual’s needs. In all, the physiotherapist plays an important role in reducing stress and anxiety for the staff member and cutting costs in the long term for the company.

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