Injury And Illness Prevention Program

Injury And Illness Prevention Program Aimed At Decreasing Sick Time

More businesses than ever are making changes to the work environment to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. You too can benefit by taking part in an injury and illness prevention program that is aimed at decreasing sick time and improving employee productivity.

There is little doubt that injuries and illnesses cost businesses money, whether this is in the form of lower productivity or the additional costs of covering sick leave. Many workplace injuries and illnesses are actually preventable and the easiest way to do this is to take corporate wellness seriously. You may not be able to stop a staff member from catching a cold, but you can prevent them from getting repetitive strain, or from suffering needlessly with a bad back. Many of the most common health complaints experienced by those in an office environment are down to poorly designed, managed and used workspaces. Injury prevention and management starts by assessing what is wrong and finding solutions. Many of these solutions are simple and easy to implement, such as ensuring that chairs are properly adjusted, monitors are at the right height and that adequate breaks are taken. Other simple solutions include encouraging staff to move around during the day, even if it is just making sure that they get up from their desks during break periods. Other solutions may not be quite as simple, such as making adjustment to heating, lighting and airflow through the office, purchasing more appropriate office furniture, or encouraging better posture in staff. However, with the right support all of these changes are achievable and will bring positive measureable results.

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