Injury Illness Prevention Program

Injury Illness Prevention Program The Importance Of Manual Handling Training

A great number of people think they know how to lift, carry and move items, right up until they feel the undeniable shooting pain of a trapped nerve. What follows can be weeks, months or even years of agony and time off work. All of this can be prevented with an injury illness prevention program that includes manual handling training.

The back is such a powerful part of the body that people often forget that without the right care, it can also be one of the most vulnerable. It houses the major nerves of the body and is a crucial pathway between body and brain. Injuries to it can be life changing. Even when they are not that severe, they can still be very painful for extended periods of time and affect other connected muscle groups. Understanding how to care for your back begins with posture, and this is most important when learning how to lift and carry, even within an office setting. This is the reason why any corporate wellness initiative should include manual handling training. Good, effective training adheres to all government and HSE recommendations and will look at the environment as well as the movements of the individuals. Injury prevention and management is just as much about better use of workplace space and more thought being put into storage solutions as it the actions of the people in the space. By taking part in practical sessions as well as workshops and theory lead elements, staff will gain an understanding of correct lifting procedures and the reasons why they are so important.

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