Injury Management Program

Injury Management Program Improve Your Working Practices

If you are constantly experiencing high levels of staff absenteeism due to sickness or work related injury, then maybe it is time to look at your working practices. An injury management program helps you do just that, and supports you in implementing essential changes in approach and practice.

It is too often assumed that only those involved in manual jobs can suffer from physical stresses and strains as a result of their job. However, this just isnt true and workers who spend most of their day at a desk are just as likely to develop neck, shoulder, back and arm pains. They are also at high risk of eye strain and fatigue as a result of long periods of time sitting in the wrong position at a desk, staring at a computer screen. The result of this is increased time off work and lower productivity levels. After all, no one works to their fullest capacity when they are exhausted, uncomfortable or in pain. However, there is a simple solution, and that is to develop new best practice working guidelines as a part of a corporate wellness intervention. By hiring a team of experts to assess your workspace, talk to employees and make recommendations based on the results, you will experience a huge difference in the focus and productivity around you. As part of an injury prevention and management program, staff can also be shown how they can help themselves and be introduced to better sitting, typing, phone answering and equipment using techniques that will reduce their risks of stresses, strains and injuries.

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