Injury Prevention and Management

Injury Prevention And Management For Businesses

Corporate wellness is extremely important for any business to succeed. Why is this? Well, staff can only operate to their fullest potential if their working environment is fit for purpose. Staff absences through illness and injury result in a huge loss of productivity, and therefore profit, across the UK each and every year. And yet, very often, it is not difficult to reduce these absence figures significantly. A happy and well workforce is an asset to any business, and an effective injury prevention and management program can help promote this within your workplace. Find out more by reading on.

How Corporate Wellness Can Be Improved With Injury Prevention Programs

The key aims of any injury and illness prevention program in the workplace will usually be targeted around maximising the attendance of staff and increasing their overall productivity. One of the most significant factors that affects employees across the UK and beyond, and therefore companies’ sickness absence levels, is the incidence of musculoskeletal disorders. These can be debilitating, especially if not addressed in the correct way. An effective injury prevention and management program will seek out and identify issues in the way the workforce currently operates and the environment in which staff work, both overall and on an individual level. They will typically do this carrying out a series of workplace assessments on site and discussing current and potential issues with employees and management. This could include ergonomic assessments of the workplace and individual workstations, assessments of display screen equipment (‘DSE’) and analysis of manual handling training and practices. It’s also helpful to arrange for employees already suffering from musculoskeletal conditions to be seen and advised on a one-to-one basis, to address issues and minimise further risk. This information should then be used to develop best practices suited to that particular business, presented in the form of guidelines that are relatively easy to implement. Remember, every client of an illness and injury prevention program needs a unique set of guidelines tailored to their own business, because no two companies operate in the same way. Incidences of musculoskeletal injury and related sickness absence management, for example, have been observed to have improved immediately with the help of an effective onsite program.

Corporate Wellness Enhanced With Physiotherapy

When initiating and implementing injury prevention programs related to corporate wellness, it is essential that they are backed up with effective measures to treat identified illnesses and injuries before they become a major cause of absence on sick leave. A highly effective way to do this in the case of the common musculoskeletal injuries mentioned above is to offer treatment such as physiotherapy at the earliest possible stage. When a business’ staff has access to a fully qualified team of physiotherapists via injury prevention training programs, it also demonstrates that the company in question really cares about its employees’ health and well-being. Additionally, it can actually save money in the longer term by reducing staff absence and preventing any troublesome insurance claims as a result of personal injury. There are usually two options offered: on-site and off-site physiotherapy. The main advantage of the on-site option is that it enables any member of staff who is suffering from aches and pains, whether related to the workplace and the role they carry out within it or not, to be quickly assessed and treated without having to take a half or full-day out of the office to attend an external appointment. Of course, treatment via this option at an early stage will also help reduce the incidence of longer term sick absences. Off-site physiotherapy can be equally as effective in achieving the company’s goals, provided before commissioning the services, management ensures that assessment and treatment can take place within close proximity to its premises and in a timely fashion.

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