Injury Prevention Program

Injury Prevention Program Ė What Is It?

Healthy, happy staff are the key to productivity. However, keeping your staff in the best of health can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. Everything from coughs and colds, to bad backs and injuries can affect all aspects of the workplace and the future of your business. However, you can minimise disruption with an injury prevention program.

This type of health program aids businesses of all sizes and sectors in reducing injuries in the work place. While it canít stop sickness, it can aid in the overall wellbeing of staff and therefore improve immune systems and tolerance to seasonal illness. In doing this, it seeks to maximise the number of work days and increase productivity during these days. The initial cost of this type of corporate wellness approach is recuperated easily by your company by the decrease in costs associated with sickness and injury, such as compensation claims, sick pay, cover staff requirements and even overtime to cover such absences. Injury prevention and management begins with the identification of the needs of the business and analysis of the workplace environment. The results of this, and of observations on the shop or office floor are then evaluated and presented to your company, along with recommendations for change and improvements. At this stage, the emphasis is on you and your company to decide what to do with the results and recommendations. Many companies such as ctchealthcare Limited provide support in implementing the suggested changes and will revisit to evaluate the differences that the changes have made, as well as providing further support if required.

If high injury rates, low productivity and staff health are a concern for your business then get in touch with ctchealthcare Limited today. We provide a full injury prevention program and support businesses from the initial analysis through implementation and project evaluation. Find out how we can help you at now.