Injury Prevention Programs

Injury Prevention Programs – Discover Their Key Aspects

Do you spend a great deal of time worrying about the health and wellbeing of your staff? Do you want a way you can improve this, minimise injuries in the workplace and increase productivity? You can achieve this and much more with injury prevention programs designed specifically for business.

The focus of such programs is on assessing the working environment and making changes that improve it by removing potential hazards and delivering guidelines that are unique to your business. Each corporate wellness program is specific to the business it is designed for; therefore, it takes into account the needs of the business and of the individual staff members. How much or how few of the recommendations you implement is up to you, as is the time scale and the support you take on board. Aspects that often comprise injury prevention and management include access to physiotherapy, telephone triage, ergonomic assessment, DSE assessment, best working practice guidelines, manual handling training and access to occupational health. By working with the assessment team, you decide what you need and what services and assistance will best suit your employees’ needs. You may be surprised to discover elements that are affecting your staff that you have never considered before. It could be as simple as replacing unsupportive office furniture, or retraining individuals in how to lift and carry heavy boxes, files and equipment. In some cases, it is just that you and your staff need to know where to turn if there is a potential problem. All of these and much more are offered by companies such as ctchealthcare Limited.

If you are interested in a full evaluation of your working environment, then consider one of the injury prevention programs run by ctchealthcare Limited. We have access to a wide range of medical professionals that can provide the advice and support you need to develop a healthy and productive workforce. See more at or call 01270 361363.