Pressure Injury Prevention And Management

Pressure Injury Prevention And Management How It Is Achieved

Pressure injuries are not something you immediately associate with the work environment. However, if you consider the causes of these types of injuries, then their existence in certain work environments is not a surprise. Fortunately, pressure injury prevention and management is not only possible but easy to achieve.

Pressure injuries are most commonly associated with those who are confined to bed for extended periods, or who experience limitations in their movement. They are also associated with poor blood flow and chafing of the skin. Given this description, it becomes easier to see why individuals, particularly in an office based environment, may become susceptible to such injuries. Long hours sat in a single position and repeating similar actions time and again can cause pressure on specific areas of the body. This can be made worse by poor posture, uncomfortable or inappropriate seating and poor working practices. However, injury prevention and management is possible and begins with looking at the environment and how individuals are coping within it. When this is done with the support of the right medical and health professionals, corporate wellness improves dramatically. However, this is only if actions are taken in accordance with the initial findings. The actions can be as simple as ensuring that staff get up and move around regularly, and that they have appropriately organised workspaces. The benefits to the staff and the company of taking action are immense. As well as better physical health, staff will have reduced pain, meaning better concentration and improved productivity.

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