Sickness Absence Management

Effective Sickness Absence Management

If you care about the long-term development and growth of your business, there is no doubt that you will be concerned about efficient and effective sickness absence management. Did you know, for example, that the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development recently revealed that the average cost per employee of sickness absence each year is £673? Of course, paying for outside consultancy to improve staff well-being is an additional cost to your business. However, it is an investment in corporate wellness that will pay off dividends over the longer term. Keep reading to find out how you could benefit from specialist advice for your business.

What Services Might A Corporate Wellness And Absence Management Programs Provide?

It is estimated that 140 million working days are lost in the UK each year through employees taking one or more days off sick. The main causes of such absences are stress and musculoskeletal disorders. No matter what size your business is, staff illness can have a massive effect on your human resources costs, employee costs and productivity, negatively affecting your profitability over the longer term. Businesses are therefore increasingly looking for effective absence management programs, to drive down sick absence figures and reduce the expense of managing these situations. One of the main aims of a good employee absence management scheme should always be to focus on the employee’s health early on. Addressed quickly, and providing interventions where necessary, most illnesses and conditions can be anticipated, prevented and/ or treated early, before they have any negative effects on the individual’s ability to work. This can often reduce, if not eliminate altogether, incidences of sick leave. Thus, a successful absence management plan might include carrying out a full assessment of the workplace. This helps to anticipate where problems may arise and implementing changes to, for example, workstations to ensure staff can work safely on a daily basis. Secondly, where a member of staff falls ill, a very early discussion with them could establish the cause of their illness. This is to find out whether there are any steps that might be usefully taken to assist with the problem before it worsens and causes a longer term issue. This can help accelerate a return to work after a short term illness. A happy and well workforce is an asset to any business, and an effective injury prevention and management program can help promote this within your workplace.

Boost Corporate Wellness With Return To Work Programs

Another strand to the services provided by absence management companies may be an effective return to work program for situations where an employee has been on sick leave for a considerably longer period. This service is built around proactively rather than reactively managing their case and working with them to effect a successful return to the workplace. The right program, for instance, might give them the option of receiving additional psychological therapies or physiotherapy, depending on the nature of their illness. The role and working conditions they will be returning to can be monitored, in case changes or improvements could be made to enable them to return safely and as soon as is feasible. A change of job description may be necessary, for example; or a phased return to the workplace to enable them to adjust after a stress-related illness. In some cases, sickness absence management can go a step further, even: your healthcare company can be involved in informing your recruitment process. Right from the outset, your recruiting staff can be trained to assess the suitability of particular individuals for a role and their ability to carry it out to best effect before they are employed by the organisation. Recruitment is an extremely expensive and time-consuming business. Any organisation that can offer you this kind of service as part of their absence management program can help give you a huge advantage when it comes to employing new members of staff. These are the kinds and levels of services provided by ctchealthcare Limited, one of the UK’s top providers of well-being services on a national scale.

Seek Assistance On Sickness Absence Management From ctchealthcare Limited

We offer corporate clients our innovative Day 1 Healthcare plan. This sickness absence management service can help save your company thousands of pounds by offering immediate help to staff off sick from the first day of their illness. From advice from fully qualified nurses to referrals for physiotherapy or psychological therapies, health issues are addressed right away to reduce sick days occurring in your workplace. This service is affordable too and will win the approval of your workforce, which will feel valued as a result of your investment. If you’re interesting in a free consultation to assess your business’ needs, visit the ctchealthcare Limited website at or call us on 01270 361363 today.