Sickness And Absence Management

Sickness And Absence Management – Developing A Can Do Attitude

If your company is one of the many that is affected by the approximately 140 million working days that are lost to sickness and injury every year, then you could benefit from a sickness and absence management program. One of the key elements of such programs is to aid in developing a ‘can do’ attitude.

A ‘can do’ attitude towards sickness and absence may sound strange, but it is a simple idea that focuses on what staff are able to do, rather than on what they can’t. The idea behind it is to cut the amount of time that any individual is absent through sickness or injury by making changes to either the working environment or their daily tasks. In doing so, you work with their strengths and allow them to be a functioning part of your team, without adding to their problems or causing additional stress to them or their work colleagues. For this type of corporate wellness program to work effectively, it needs everyone to be involved fully from the beginning; and for open and honest communication between employee and employer from the first day of sickness. This communication needs to be retained where absence is unavoidable and support given to the employee to allow them to return to work sooner. This support can take many forms including offering physiotherapy and psychological therapy where appropriate. Sickness absence management is not about rushing individuals back into the working environment before they are ready. It is instead about creating a better work place, one that focuses on the strengths of your team and provides the right support at the right time.

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