Staff Absence Management

Staff Absence Management Minimises Medical Referral Times

The wait to see a doctor can be frustrating for both the individual and the company they work for. This is particularly true if they need that medical opinion before they can go back to work. The frustration only grows when other medical or specialist opinions are needed. All of this stress can be removed through staff absence management.

Sickness absence management is not just about reducing the number of individuals that need to take sick leave. It is also about ensuring they get the proper care and treatment quickly when it is needed. This approach has three main benefits: firstly, early medical intervention often means that illness and injuries are caught early and conditions treated before symptoms escalate and become more serious. Secondly, reducing waiting time for an opinion, particularly about returning to work, reduces the amount of time lost at work unnecessarily. Thirdly, getting the person back to work quicker, without endangering their health or wellbeing, reduces the stress and workload on the remaining staff, making them less likely to need sick leave. This, combined with work-based health assessments and health-led work environments makes a real difference to sickness and absenteeism levels. Understanding corporate wellness from this perspective shows how a little investment in terms of time and money can improve outcomes all round in the long term. This is particularly true if you opt to work with a company like ctchealthcare Limited, which has access to a range of medical practitioners who aid in looking after the physical and mental/ emotional health of your employees.

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