Workplace Injury Management

Workplace Injury Management How Well Prepared Are You?

Injuries in the workplace happen. When they do, they can cost money and cause pain and suffering to both the individual and the business. A large number of injuries, though, can be prevented with the right workplace injury management program. Are you prepared for injury prevention?

Staff are the backbone to any organisation, and like the backbone, they need to be cared for properly to work at their most efficient level. Injuries stop this from happening and can cause major disruption throughout your business. Corporate wellness starts with being able to identify the potential causes of injuries within the work environment. This could be anything from trailing cables to unsupportive chairs and ill-placed screens and monitors. Once the risks are identified, the next stage is to work out how best to minimise or remove each of them. However, to do this effectively, you also need to know more about your staff. No two members of staff will have the exact same physical or medical needs, and much will depend on existing conditions and medical history. A person with an existing lower back problem may need different support to an individual with sight problems. By combining both sets of information, you can develop an injury prevention and management plan that works for everyone, including you as the business owner or manager. While this may look like a daunting task, there are companies, such as ctchealthcare Limited which can work with and support you at every stage.

At ctchealthcare Limited, we take pride in our ability to provide individual workplace injury management solutions. We can provide the initial assessment and analysis, and report back to you with the finding. We can even assist at the implementation and evaluation stage. For the full support services available visit or call 01270 361363 and talk to us about your needs.