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Changing Misconceptions About Yoga 

Changing Misconceptions About Yoga 

Often it seems that many think that Yoga is either just lying around and breathing or that it’s a practice only for contortionists and the hyper mobile. This is something we are working to change at our nantwich classes. We want everyone to see that Yoga is not one size fits all, it’s an adaptable practice that can be tailored to your ability and needs. 

Yoga is as much a physical practice as it is transformational. I have witnessed this change first hand and believe that the more time people practice self care – things like yoga and mindfulness, the more influence this has on their wellbeing. I see people come to class, unload their stress, take time for themselves and emerge an hour later as if the worries they stepped into the studio with no longer matter.  

Not to say that the practice is about forgetting your worries but this does seem to be a side effect. When you practice yoga you occupy your mind with movement. If you’ve ever tried to balance on one leg then you will know just how much concentration is needed and how it’s virtually impossible to be thinking about anything else. This is just one of the ways yoga redirects your attention.

Yoga is also a powerful tool for rehabilitation. At ctchealthcare we focus on preventative care, this is where Yoga for physical trauma can really change lives. Our instructor Charlie works with you to help you understand how you can use specific postures to help strengthen and mobilise areas of the body. The best way to prevent injury is to become aware of what you feel, where you feel it and respond accordingly. At some time in your life, it is likely that you will experience an injury, if you can learn to move in ways that prevent this from ever happening then surely this is a worthwhile practice. 

Yoga for rehabilitation works on balancing strength in the body. Often when we experience an injury certain muscles begin to compensate, which results in muscle imbalances. For example; say your quadriceps are stronger than your hamstrings, when you walk the quadriceps will pull the legs forward and bend the knee more forcefully  than the hamstrings can pull it back and bend the knee. This means that pulling too much in one direction and not enough in the other. The uneven stress on your hip and knee joints caused by the muscle imbalance can easily lead to injuries. This is how something that might seem to be insignificant has a knock on effect down the line. 

It doesn’t mean that all hope is lost if you’ve spent a lifetime unaware. This is where yoga comes in to save the day and begin working on evening out imbalances.

Our classes offer you the chance to take what you need from the practice, whether it’s a challenge or time to tune out. At ctchealthcare we create a supportive environment so that you can experience the magic of yoga. 


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