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Nantwich physio warns of dangers over long Covid symptoms – Article from Nantwich News

Nantwich physio warns of dangers over long Covid symptoms – Article from Nantwich News

A physiotherapist in Nantwich is urging people not to ignore the symptoms of long Covid after recovering from the virus himself. Rick Carter said he is treating many patients for problems associated with long Covid in his Crewe and Nantwich clinics. The father-of-three has practised in the area since 1994, and runs ctchealthcare.

He said: “I was hit hard by the virus in October. I’ve recovered other than lingering issues with fatigue so I can totally empathise with patients feeling frustrated by ongoing issues.”

“Initially, there was talk of long Covid actually being a ‘thing’ but evidence has shown millions to be suffering. Last week’s ONS survey has suggested at least one in five people have symptoms which limit their daily activities for over a month after initial infection. Often low mood, brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches are residual issues. These are sometimes difficult to separate out from other conditions that may have similar symptoms. It’s complex and needs time, patience, care and continuing support from our network of local and national healthcare professionals.”

“All our therapists spend time exploring the nature of our clients conditions and often Covid continues to cause issues many months after the virus has been contracted.”

Mr Carter, who is trained to prescribe medication such as pain killers and anti-inflammatories to help enhance patient recovery, added: “At ctchealthcare we pride ourselves in completing episodes of care, thinking beyond the symptoms which present themselves in clinic.

“Our company strapline is ‘making you feel better’ and over the years we have encouraged a more holistic approach – caring for the whole person.”

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