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ctchealthcare is a Cheshire and Staffordshire-based practice with four clinics in convenient locations – Crewe, Nantwich, Stoke and Stafford.

Treating our local community for nearly 30 years, our expertise in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, acupuncture, sports massage, and complementary therapies cannot be rivalled.

A life in harmony for grateful norma

A visit to ctchealthcare for a back assessment saved the life of a retired music lecturer from South Cheshire.

Norma Hollingsworth had just returned from a driving holiday across France and was in treatment with our managing director Rick Carter when he spotted her swollen calf.

“Rick insisted I saw my doctor who diagnosed phlebitis – an inflamed vein – and gave me cream. It turned out to be nothing of the sort, said Norma.

“It was thanks to Rick’s persistence that I was sent for a scan and DVT was found, a condition that killed my mother and could have sent me the same way.”

After a simple course of Warfarin, she was back to her lifelong love of playing the cello.

All that could have ended due to arthritis in her fingers but a course of treatment – including massage, manipulation and acupuncture – allowed her to continue playing.

She went on to gain a Masters and Doctorate in music and performs regularly with four very busy orchestras in the area.

Now she visits the Crewe clinic regularly for back and shoulder maintenance.

She added: “Rick isn’t afraid to challenge a diagnosis and get you to the right consultant if needed. He cares about people and goes the extra mile.

“I can’t recommend him highly enough.”