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ctchealthcare is a Cheshire and Staffordshire-based practice with four clinics in convenient locations – Crewe, Nantwich, Stoke and Stafford.

Treating our local community for nearly 30 years, our expertise in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, acupuncture, sports massage, and complementary therapies cannot be rivalled.

What We Offer

Our Physiotherapy services encompass Injury Prevention and Management, Sickness Absence Management and Health and Wellbeing initiatives that provide a rapid, tangible return on investment and a lasting legacy of employee engagement.

Managing Sickness Absence
Managing Sickness Absence
Keeping Staff Well
Keeping Staff Well


Stopping your staff from going off work

Our injury prevention, screening and resilience programmes enable employers to identify and eliminate the risk of injury and ill-health in the workplace. Preventing absence from work, protecting the wellbeing of your staff and protecting the finances of your business.

Injury Prevention

  • Ergonomic Consultancy and Best Working Practice Guidelines
  • DSE Assessments
  • FCA Assessments
  • Health Screening and Wellbeing Assessments
  • Resilience Healthcare

Training and Education

  • 365 Healthcare
  • Manual Handling
  • Ergonomic Training
  • Emergency First Aid

Day 1

Managing Sickness Absence

Keeping staff in work or facilitating a speedy return to work

With a strong focus on immediate access, our physiotherapy services and assessments, promote a rapid, effective recovery and encourage long term management of conditions, through education. Working collaboratively with managers, ctcheathcare will help you get the support that your business needs, to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.


Day 1

Keeping Staff Well

…and keeping your business well too!

ctchealthcare believes that the key to optimum performance in the workplace, lies in their commitment to nurturing a happy and healthy workforce. Bespoke initiatives and training programmes, focusing on healthy minds and bodies, enables businesses to foster continuing positive habits and work cultures.

Training and Education

Why ctchealthcare?
Experts in Corporate Health and Wellbeing

ctchealthcare is the first Physiotherapy specialist of its kind in the region, to join the elite in receiving the Royal College of Physicians SEQOHS (Safe, Effective, Quality, Occupational, Health Services) accreditation, having demonstrated the competence to deliver against the measured standards. As leaders in the field we have a unique and proven track record of working with multidisciplinary teams, through integrated health and wellbeing solutions, that focus on urgency and immediacy of access.

All of our Physiotherapists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Any clinician working in an occupational health contract is a member of ACPOHE.

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ctchealthcare is a Cheshire and Staffordshire-based practice with four clinics in convenient locations – Crewe, Nantwich, Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford.


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