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Physio gets Peter confident on his feet again!

Over the last year Peter had had several long hospital stays due to different medical issues and having 2 hip replacements. The long periods of immobilisation in the hospital bed had taken its toll on his strength and mobility. He used to walk for miles and miles and now was heavily reliant on a crutch and felt very under confident and unstable on his feet.

Peters wife, after no luck with other routes, had spoken to a lady who knew of CTC Healthcare Physiotherapists and enquired about whether they could help.

On the first assessment Vicki did a thorough assessment of his stability, flexibility and balance after gaining a detailed history of his medical issues.
Peter has now had several Physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions and we are completing an exercise programme at home focussing on building his strength, balance and gait, which will be good preparation for when he has his next hospital stay for a medical procedure. Peter has also been referred to CTC’s seated exercise class which runs on the last Friday of every month.

Peter: ‘I feel so much better than when I first came here. I am very happy with what Vicki has done for me and I complete the exercises at home. I have really noticed a difference in my strength, my walking and especially my confidence.’

Peters wife: ‘Initially I was apprehensive about what Physio could do for Peter as I was under the impression it was only hands on treatment, however I was proved wrong, we are so happy we went down this route of Physiotherapy.’

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